Certified Members of Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement are growers and shippers who are committed to adhering to the food safety practices set forth. You can learn more about these businesses by visiting their websites below. If you are interested in becoming a certified member, please sign up.

Amigo Farms, Inc.

Bill Scott


Andrew Smith Co.

Lawrence Hinkle


Bengard Ranch, Inc.

Steve Koran


Bonipak Produce

Kristina Denne

Braga Fresh Family Farms

Armando Figueroa


Church Brothers, LLC/

True Leaf Farms

Megan Chedwick

Classic Salads, LLC

Joshua Batistich

Coastline Family Farms

Robert Verloop

D'Arrigo Bros Co of California

John C. D'Arrigo


Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.

Darrin Domingos


Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.

Darrin Domingos

Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.

Samuel D. Duda/C.R. Waters


Dynasty Farms, Inc.

Aaron Anderson


Everkrisp Vegetables, Inc.

Michael Etchart


Field Fresh Farms

Anthony Cagnacci

Fresh Express, Inc.

John P. Olivo

Gold Coast Packing, Inc.

Nob Furukawa

Green Gate Fresh, LLLP

Jay Iverson

Harbinger Group dba Misionero

Robert Mills

Ippolito International, Inc.

Herman Cossio 

Mann Packing Company, Inc.

Ross McKenney 

Muzzi Family Farms, LLC

Tina Oreggia

The Nunes Company

Kristina Nunes

Ocean Mist Farms

Chris Drew

organicgirl, LLC

James Bautista


Pacific International Vegetable Marketing, Inc.

Aaron Anderson/ Kami Weddle

Ratto Bros., Inc.

Ron Ratto

Ready Pac Foods, Inc.

Andre Montagna

River Fresh Farms, LLC

Ben Morales

Sabor Farms, LLC 

Francisco Valdes

The Salad Farms, LLC

Joyce Camany

Salad Savoy Corporation

Seth Karm

Silva Farms

Brandon Silva


Steinbeck Country Produce

George Mosqueda / Alex Muller

Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Inc.

Gurmail Mudahar


Taylor Farms California

Cosme Pina

TLC Custom Farming Company, LLC 

Gerardo Valenzuela

Zada Fresh Farms

Milt Voss