Local NPR affiliate interviews grower John Boelts about food safety updates

If you're curious about what changes are in place for Arizona's lettuce industry heading into the 2018 / 2019 growing and harvesting season, take a few minutes to listen to this segment that aired on local NPR affiliate KJZZ. John Boelts from Desert Premium Farms in Yuma discusses updates in the Leafy Greens Food Safety program with Mark Brodie.

Dr. Oz shows what the industry is doing to keep lettuce safe

More than one million viewers tuned into Dr. Oz on September 24 to learn about the lettuce industry's culture of food safety during a show titled, "Is Salad Safe to Eat Again? The Lettuce Industry Speaks Out." It was an incredible opportunity to share information about the LGMA Food Safety Program whose members in Arizona and California produce more than 130 million servings of leafy greens every day. Check out the Salad Summit here

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