Fresh Picks: A Day in Harvest Season Food Safety

Fresh Picks: A Day in Harvest Season Food Safety

Arizona Leafy Greens farmers are committed to growing safe food. As the harvest season winds down this spring, we documented a cabbage harvesting day in the field to show you the rigorous food safety guidelines our growers follow to make sure the healthy greens they grow is safe for your family and their own.

Arizona LGMA has established food handling protocols to ensure that farmers are following a set of science-based food safety practices on their farms. Arizona LGMA has standards in place to prevent any type of contamination from impacting leafy greens grown in Arizona by enforcing safe food handling procedures and requiring food safety training courses for all of its members.

Food Safety Practices in the Field

Samples are taken from all water sources and tested.

Tractors and harvest machinery are sanitized before and after each day of work or moving to another field.