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Arizona LGMA Food Safety Program

Food Safety

The Arizona LGMA Food Safety Standards, also known as metrics, provide guidance to farmers, shippers and harvesters to help keeping lettuce and leafy greens crops safe. 


The standards cover several different areas, including: agricultural water risk assessments, field personnel training, environmental risk assessment, field and transport sanitation, soil amendments, equipment cleaning and sanitation, food safety practices for harvest, and more.


Arizona LGMA members have both scheduled and unannounced audits each growing season.  These audits verify on-farm compliance with the Arizona LGMA Food Safety Standards and are conducted by Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) inspectors who are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

If a member is found to be out of compliance with any of the standards they must take corrective actions to be certified.  

Education & Training

The Arizona LGMA Food Safety Program empowers industry with food safety tools so that the workforce involved in growing and harvesting leafy greens can better protect public health. 

Food safety training is designed for adult learners and offered in English and Spanish.  Trainings are offered in local growing regions and virtually.   Frequent food safety training keeps employees engaged and vigilant.   


Food Safety Resources

Click below to see the Arizona LGMA Food Safety Resource Library and Upcoming Food Safety Training Opportunities

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