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  • April Ward

AZ LGMA Metrics 101 Training Updated

Arizona LGMA has updated its free, on-demand Metrics 101 Training module that was initially launched in 2017 to include updates to the Food Safety Guidelines (also known as Metrics). With this update the Metrics 101 training now includes changes to the area of water quality made in 2019 and 2020.

The training, developed in 16 easy-to-digest modules, covers everything from environmental assessments to encroachment by animals. It includes quizzes following each module, as well as online games and activities.

The information is specifically designed for supervisory roles and personnel who need to understand the basic rules and rationale behind the comprehensive food safety program that the leafy greens industry pioneered, first in California and then in Arizona. The training is available at and only requires a one-time registration. Users can access and complete the modules at their leisure, since the program tracks where the user logged off.

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