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New Online Food Safety Training Platform

Three food safety organizations - Arizona LGMA, California LGMA and Yuma Safe Produce Council - have collaborated on a training tool to help all their members in the produce industry.   The shared on-line training platform is a learning management system that provides free training on the following topics:

  • Arizona LGMA Metrics 101 (English).  This interactive, online training helps employees learn about the Arizona LGMA food safety requirements through 16 modules.

  • California LGMA Pre-Harvest Testing (English).  This course provides an overview of risk-based, pre-harvest testing through six modules.

  • Yuma Safe Produce Council Supervisor Training (English & Spanish).  The Food Safety Top Ten for Leafy Greens Supervisors course helps employees meet annual requirements of food safety best practices and features the supervisory role in implementing and reinforcing food safety practices.

All the training courses are online and free for anyone in the fresh produce industry to take.  The courses can be done at your own pace, users can plan for about two to three hours for each course.  After successful completion an individual will be issued a certificate of completion.

In the future, new trainings will be added to the platform.  One that is currently under development will train the user how to conduct pre-season, pre-harvest and daily harvest assessments.  To access, register and view all the available training courses here:

The platform, called Doctum, and all courses on the new online food safety training program were designed by  Food Safety CTS

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