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  • April Ward

Celebrating Arizona Farmers and Farmworkers

To celebrate National Farmer's Day (10/12) and National Farmer and Farmworker Appreciation Month (October) we are highlighting just of few of the many hardworking folks who work in the Arizona leafy greens farming community.

photo of Arturo Mora ,Harvest Supervisor for Leafy Greens at Rousseau Farming
Arturo Mora, Harvest Supervisor

Arturo Mora

Harvest Supervisor for Leafy Greens

Rousseau Farming

I’m blessed for almost 30 years to be supervising everything in the fields from weeding, thinning, sprinkler work & harvesting! It is always a challenge to get the best quality vegetables for my company and for the world.
Food Safety is important to me because the quality & safety of the vegetables, provide people healthy meals and I take pride in that!

pictured here is Erick Hernandez, Chemical Supervisor at Griffin Ranches
Erick Hernandez, Chemical Supervisor

Erick Hernandez

Chemical Supervisor

Griffin Ranches

It’s so neat to see the transition from planting to harvest. Things grow so quickly. The technology is also so great. Technology has helped our industry make improvements that have allowed us to become more efficient.
It’s important to keep the produce safe for those to consume. Doing my job helps ensure that the food is safe and people can be confident in eating our products.

pictured here is Jesse Escoto, Irrigation Supervisor at Harrison Farms
Jesse Escoto, Irrigation Supervisor

Jesse Escoto

Irrigation Supervisor

Harrison Farms

I would have to say that one of my favorite things about working in AZ agriculture is that every year I get the opportunity to prepare and care for my crops. I think of this process like caring for a child. It must drink and eat for it to grow and survive. This is the care I hope to provide every time I step outside and into a field.
Food Safety is important because it can affect people’s health and life. It can affect those who depend on Agricultural as a livelihood. It can hurt growers and families if we are not careful about our food safety. This is why I take food safety very seriously.


Miguel Saucedo

Farm Food Safety Coordinator

Griffin Ranches

My favorite thing about working in AZ agriculture is looking out over a field and seeing that beautiful AZ sunset - It’s the little things for me!
Food safety is important because foodborne illnesses are very dangerous. A potential outbreak can endanger consumers and have a costly effect on the company.


A big THANK YOU to Arturo, Erick, Jesse and Miguel for sharing with us and for all your hard work. We also want to thank thousands of other workers and farmers in the Arizona leafy greens industry. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

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