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Summer Break is Halfway Over

It seems like just yesterday that the Arizona leafy greens farming season wrapped, but it was actually a few months ago in May. The preliminary numbers show that from November 2022 - May of 2023 Arizona farmers, harvesters and shippers produced 80.9 million cartons of leafy greens. That adds up to 10.9 billion servings for consumers.

July is the halfway point in the Arizona leafy greens "break." From late August to the end of October our farmers are preparing the ground and planting crops. Harvest begins in November, when we also celebrate Arizona Leafy Greens Month. From November until April the Arizona industry is hard at work producing leafy greens for consumers. During April production begins to shift to cooler climates, but a some farms are able to grow leafy green crops like cabbage until May.

A big thank you to our industry for all you do! We'll see you soon.

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