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AZ LGMA Food Safety Training Kit Now Available Online

The Arizona Leafy Greens Food Safety Training Kit (FSTK) was borne out of a need to educate workers at the field level, and encourage the industry to adopt uniform food safety handling practices. The topics in the kit were developed in part using audit results to determine specific training needs of the leafy greens farming community.

Since its inception, it has evolved into a completely engaging program that can be delivered in the field, in a classroom or via video. All materials are produced in both English and Spanish.

The kit was originally released in 2011. Updates were made in 2014 and 2021. And now - just in time for Food Safety Education Month #FSEM2021 - the full kit is available online for free to anyone who needs these resources. Hard copies of the updated kit will be provided to Arizona LGMA members and their growers this fall. Contact Arizona LGMA Administrator Teressa Lopez for more details.

The materials in the Food Safety Training Kit can be used by food safety professionals, harvest crew foremen, extension agents, and/or industry consultants who wish to conduct food safety training at leafy greens farms.

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