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  • April Ward

September is Food Safety Education Month

Arizona leafy greens farmers, shippers and harvesters are committed to food safety and they know that training and education are an integral part of producing safe food.

As a part of Food Safety Education Month #FSEM2021 we wanted to take a few moments to commend the 479 members of the Arizona leafy greens farming community who participated in food safety training last month to prepare for their upcoming growing and harvesting season.

Trainings were hosted on the topics of risk assessments, harvest operations, water quality, root cause analysis and soil amendments. They were offered in English and Spanish with options for virtual attendance and in-person.

Organizations hosting training sessions include: US FDA, University of Arizona, Yuma Safe Produce Council, Western Growers, and Arizona and California LGMA’s.

There are more trainings available in September too - industry members can visit our website to learn more and sign up:

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